Hi, my name is Ant and it’s cool that you’re here at the Faces of Crime Home Page.

Do I hear you say …“Huh? Faces of Crime? What’s that?”

Glad you asked!!

Well let me tell you! Through this website and with your help, we’re going to put the real face on crime in South Africa. Crime has caused devastation, but little is spoken about the trauma you go through. It’s just the facts and statistics that get in the public view through the news channels, then that’s it.

It’s not good enough!

We want to know what crime has done to you, your family and your friends so we can better understand the real damage done to those left behind after the loss of loved ones and for those caught up in the violence itself.

We want to know because we want to help! We’ll be giving you ideas on how to deal with it.

That’s why Faces of Crime has been developed, with pages for you to go and look at like Cool@School, Tributes and Scumbags. Take a look below (scroll down), or click through to the pages and check out the info!


Faces of Crime has been set up as a business as part of a project for Grade 8’s at Trinity House High School, which requires that each pupil start a business to run during August and generates a profit. Faces of Crime is offering an opportunity to individuals and companies to become sponsors of this site. In return for your sponsorship fee, we’ll give you a button on each of the pages with a link to your web address (if you don’t have a website, then your company contact details). 

At the end of the project (end August), all profit generated by the business goes to welfare, and the beneficiary chosen by the school is Thadanani.

The GOOD NEWS is that the Faces of Crime website will then be purchased by Cool@School so that it can continue to help others, and grow from strength to strength! All proceeds made from the sale will be donated to Thadanani

This is the cheapest form of advertising you’ll ever find AND it goes to a good cause! For an individual to sponsor, the cost is R 100.00 for three months, and for companies R 300.00 for three months, or you can even sponsor a full page for R1000.00 for ever!

Email to confirm your sponsorship, now!



What’s the reality in South Africa?

Children are scared, hopeless, out of balance and living in constant fear of crime in their school, in their homes, in their communities AND in their country.  We want to help build a generation of well-balanced, confident, fun loving, secure, disciplined, respectful children with good moral values and a high self esteem.

To do this, we need to educate our children with regards to the risks of crime, to empower them to work against crime, and to be able to adequately process the effects of crime and grief on their lives. Read more...


This page is dedicated to all those that we love and have lost to crime, and to ensure they didn’t die with cries unheard. 

We have to work together to bring greater awareness to the unbearable crime that continues in our beautiful country, and, most importantly, seek solutions to overcome it and to support those who are left traumatised and injured.

This page is not to generate negativity towards South Africa.

We want to find solutions to the problems and to make our country a better and safer place, in remembrance of those that have lost their lives through crime. Read more...


This page will be developed shortly to help us recognise what we should be looking out for to help defend ourselves against crime.

We will work together with the SA Police, community forums and other organisations.

“Scumbags” is our term for criminals.

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