Our Tributes page is dedicated to all those that we love and have lost to crime. Its purpose is to ensure that they didn’t die with cries unheard.

“Softly our tears cry for you. We miss you and love you dearly. But through grief and by your memory, we will unite and stand together to make a difference and to help make the future a safer place to be.”

This is a place where we can share how we feel, talk through our grief, place pictures of our loved ones and build a community of sharing and healing. 

By so doing, we all pledge to work together to bring greater awareness to the unbearable crime that continues in our beautiful country, and, most importantly, seek solutions to overcome it and to support those who are left traumatised and injured. 

This page is not to generate negativity towards South Africa.

We want to find solutions to the problems and to make our country a better and safer place, in remembrance of those that have lost their lives through crime.

Email info@facesofcrime.co.za to request a place on our Tributes page for a loved one.

Email info@facesofcrime.co.za with your ideas towards solutions we can embrace to resolve the problems with crime.


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