Murdered during a Family Outing.

A tribute by Stacey

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A normal family trip to the Lion Park ended with a broken family.


A tribute to my LOVE.

I think it’s an accomplishment if someone makes it to 30. I also think it’s amazing when you hear of an old person actually dying of OLD AGE and not from being beaten to death. I suppose that is just something you hear from the GOOD OLD DAYS, where kids could walk the streets and be safe, people could life without alarms, security guards, boomed off sections, and electric fencing.

A normal family trip to the lion park ended with a broken family. Kurt Huppe took one shot to the heart and it shattered everyone’s heart.

Kurt went to work early hours of the morning, he wanted over time so we could buy blue paint to paint the baby room, when he got home we decided to go to the Lion Park. We stopped at shop, got stuff for the drive and Kurt ran and drew money. Then we were on our way with our daughter, niece and my mother.

We decided to eat something when we got there. Kurt played with the kids while we waited for our food, it was really taking long so we decided to go to the souvenir shop while my mother sat with the children, we paid for our ride and tried to find something to buy for the kids. We were planning to migrate to New Zealand next year July. Kurt mentioned in the souvenir shop that the main reason he wanted to move was because of the crime-funny he should mention that-did he know something was going to happen.

We went back to the table and ate our food.” I am going to wash my hands love” was the last thing Kurt ever said to me. Soon after he left, we heard the gun, it was not that loud and I still asked my mother what was that noise, then she said “GUN” there was lots of screaming and people being chased in, I grabbed my daughter and my mother took my sisters little one and we ran inside. I shoved the kids under the table and all I could say is “please mom I need Kurt, please mom I need Kurt.”

My mother climbed over chairs to get to the front and then was the words I wish I never had to hear. “Stacey....Its KURT!’

I remember being the only one standing and I was shouting "NO!!!"

He died in my mother’s arms, she was telling him to stay. “Stay Kurt, Stacey and Tyla need you” I was so cross with him for not staying, all I wanted was for him to get up and take us home.

My mother said when Kurt heard our names, he closed his eyes to rest. She said he went peacefully.

Explaining to our daughter that her daddy was not going to hospital and that he was no coming back was hard. It’s also heart breaking listening to a little girl crying because I am older than her and will die before her and then be with her daddy first. It’s just not right.

But as much as I feel sorry for myself because Kurt is not here with us, and he won’t be with me when his baby is born, I feel more sorry for Kurt who was only 27 and just starting to live his life.

I miss you my love, I will never say good-bye to you. WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN.